Hurricane Preparedness

New Jersey Specific Weather Forecasts, Watches And Warnings Hurricanes And Tropical Storm Forecast - National Hurricane Center 

  • What to do NOW, before a Hurricane or Tropical Storm strikes
  • What to do when a storm is APPROACHING
    • Pay Attention To Weather Forecasts
    • Listen For Official Instructions
    • While You Are Waiting to Receive Official Instructions
    • Evacuation Orders : Mandatory vs. Voluntary
  • What to do AFTER the storm passes
    • Returning Home After The Storm

Other Information

Hurricane Safety

Avoiding Hurricane Damage

Severe Storms Survival Guide

Carbon Monoxide Information From Generators

Eating Safe Food

Drinking Safe Water

Getting Rid Of Mold

Killing Germs With Bleach

Information Regarding Scams & Fraud - Contractors - Charities

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