Know Your Neighbors

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Get to know your neighbors. It is the most significant step you can take to improve your safety. In an emergency, your neighbors can respond faster than anyone else.

Working with neighbors can save lives and property. Meet with your neighbors to plan how the neighborhood could work together during a disaster until help arrives. If you’re a member of a neighborhood organization, such as a home association or crime watch group, introduce disaster preparedness as a new activity.

Know your neighbor’s special skills (e.g., medical, technical) and consider how you could help neighbors who have special needs, such as disabled and elderly persons. Make plans for child care in case parents can’t get home.

Neighborhood Tips:

  • Start or join a Neighborhood Watch Program. This helps you and your family to feel safer at night and build a sense of community at the same time
  • Join your Neighborhood Association
  • Walk door-to-door and introduce yourself and your family to your neighbor
  • Get a map of your neighborhood
  • Talk with your neighborhood’s local Emergency Personnel
  • Develop a list of neighbor’s skills and special equipment that could be used in an emergency
  • Prepare a back up plan for neighborhood children, elderly and other special needs

These neighborhood tips will help reduce anxiety, injures and property damage during emergencies. Moreover help reduce secondary hazards such as fires and greatly improve neighborhood recovery.

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